Income Tax Solutions

Tax Planning and Management
A periodic review and projection of the tax liability of an individual or business can lead to significant tax savings. Potential credits and deductions can be identified which require action well before a tax filing deadline. Plans can be made in advance to manage the projected tax liability. Expenditures can be timed in order to be tax efficient. Tax implications should also be considered when transferring assets between family members, funding college education and retirement, and other life events.

Transaction Advisory
It is important to assemble the right advisory team when considering a significant purchase or sale of a business, real estate, or other assets. Transactions of this genre often trigger significant tax liability. Seeking expertise early in the process can avoid unpleasant surprises. Proper structuring can lead to a more favorable outcome for both buyer and seller. Beyond tax considerations, at Green Newton Jamison LLP we can help you ‘run the numbers’ to see if a deal makes sense in consideration of the various financial factors involved.

Tax Preparation and Filing
At Green Newton Jamison LLP our objective is to provide client-focused, individually adapted services. Whether for an individual, partnership, corporation, estate, or trust, we can help sort out the relevant facts and circumstances to prepare and file the needed tax return. It is our objective to make the process as hassle-free as possible. Accuracy, objectivity, and integrity while seeking to minimize your tax burden are our guiding principles. Complex tax law is explained in plain English, enabling you to focus on what is most important to you.

Accounting Services

Financial Statements
Financial statements are a quick synopsis of the fiscal health of an organization or entity. When properly prepared and understood, these statements empower management, lenders, buyers, and other parties to make key business decisions in confidence. As a trusted business advisor, we can compile or review your financial statements to meet your particular need.

Advisory Services
Maintaining careful records is essential to the success of any business. When it comes time to apply for a loan, file tax returns, or determine employee bonuses and profit sharing, the business is well served to have had an effective accounting function. At Green Newton Jamison LLP, we can help you implement, optimize, and troubleshoot small business accounting systems. Process consolidation, staff training, and problem resolution are among the services that we can provide.

Litigation Support
Whether partnership dissolution, matrimonial separation, or contract disagreement, any successful legal action requires clearly presenting the relevant facts and circumstances. At Green Newton Jamison LLP we provide meticulous analysis, accurate investigative assessments, and expert witness testimony in support of legal proceedings.

Retirement & Benefits

Retirement Plan Selection
Properly structuring retirement savings can lead to significantly higher after-tax wealth accumulation. At Green Newton Jamison LLP we can recommend the right plan to fit your needs. For qualifying business owners starting a new plan, we can offer a seamless setup of the selected plan by virtue of our association with our affiliate Green Wealth Management.

Annual Reporting
Certain employee benefit plans are required to file form 5500 annually to report the activity of the plan during the reporting period. At Green Newton Jamison LLP we coordinate with the plan’s record keeper and plan designer to ensure timely and accurate filing.