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Convert Unused Property Into Deductions

When you give away items like clothing, appliances, vehicles, and other goods to a qualified charity, your generosity can add up to a tax write-off if you itemize your deductions. The amount of your deduction is generally the donated property’s

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Did You Overlook Something?

Occasionally, clients will realize that an item of income was overlooked, a deduction was not claimed, or that an amended tax document was received after the tax return was already filed.  Regardless of whether the oversight will result in more

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Energy Costs Rise as Tax Incentives Fade

With energy costs skyrocketing, you would think that the federal government would come up with some tax incentives aimed at curbing the consumption of energy. However, on the consumer end of taxes, the incentives are actually fading away. Apparently, federal

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President’s Proposed Tax Changes for 2013

The budget proposal released by President Obama on April 10 includes a substantial number of proposed tax changes impacting individuals, businesses, estate taxation, energy incentives, and international issues.  Although these are only proposals, they provide an insight into the administration’s

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