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New Safe Harbor Home Office Deduction

Effective for tax years beginning in 2013, taxpayers can elect a simplified deduction for the business use of their home. The deduction is $5 per square foot with a maximum square footage of 300. Thus, the maximum deduction is $1,500

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Prepared for the New Surtax?

As part of Obama Care, we have a new tax beginning in 2013. The official name of this tax is the “Unearned Income Medicare Contribution Tax,” and even though the name implies it is a contribution, don’t get the idea

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Revising Your W-4?

This time of the year, many employers will request from their employees updated W-4 forms (and the equivalent state form for those who live in a state with income tax).  The W-4 form allows you to specify your filing status

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Direct Deposit

Put your money in your pocket … faster.

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Remember Those Nominee 1099s

For tax purposes, if you receive income in your name that actually belongs to someone else, you are also a nominee. Being a nominee means that you must file a 1099 form with the IRS appropriate to the type of

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