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Those Gold Sales May Be Taxable

If you took advantage of the escalating gold and silver prices and made any sales of gold, silver, gems, jewelry, or the like during 2011, you are required to report the sales on your tax return. Whether or not the

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New Reporting Requirement

New for 2011 is a requirement for any individual who, during the tax year, holds any interest in a “specified foreign financial asset” to complete and attach Form 8938 to his or her income tax return if a reporting threshold

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Schedule Cs in the IRS’ Bull’s Eye

Schedule C is the form that unincorporated sole proprietor businesses use to report their income and expenses as part of their individual tax returns. Schedule Cs have been center stage in recent IRS “tax gap” estimates.

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It’s Not Too Late

It’s not too late to make an IRA and/or SEP contribution or undo a Roth IRA conversion for 2011.

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Don’t Be Scammed!

Now that tax season is upon us, so are the e-mail scammers pretending to be the IRS. Most of these scams fraudulently use the IRS name, logo, and/or website header as a lure to make the communication appear more authentic

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